Clinical supervision and consultation to support the whole you.

I provide holistic, ethically-driven clinical supervision and consultation to new counselors (LPCCs) working on supervised hours towards full licensure, and to fully-licensed psychotherapists (LPC, LMFT, LCSW, etc.) who wish to strengthen their practices of somatically-minded methods.   

While I support folks with the typical case review and conceptualization, and make sure that we are attending to administrative, clinical, and ethical/legal considerations, two areas that set me apart as a supervisor are:  a focus on helping you attend to “self of the therapist” issues and bringing attention to building and growing the business side of private practice.  Both of these areas are essential for creating a sustainable and fulfilling career, and are often overlooked in supervision.  

“Self of the therapist” refers to who you are as a human in the world, how that influences the way you come into your work as a therapist, and all of the ways it interacts with your clients’ processes.  I feel like I got the message in grad school that we should just pretend this doesn’t happen.  But it does – and it’s natural and unavoidable, so long as we are two humans sitting in a room together.  Understanding who you are as a therapist, learning to track it and work with it in the moment – in service of your client’s process – can be a powerful way to elevate your work.  

Private Practice Business Support & Consultation.  

Many of us dream of having a successful private practice, but don’t get much, if any, business training along the way.  I provide support in setting up, re-imagining, and/or strengthening your practice and all levels of running a business, including:

  • Imagining and clarifying your ideal practice
  • Setting up processes & finding appropriate software and technology 
  • Creating paperwork and client processes from intake to termination
  • Talking about fees and attending to money
  • Networking & marketing to find YOUR ideal clients
  • Making sure you are operating in a truly HIPAA-compliant way, and in line with ethical standards and best practices  
  • Avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Attending to how your own “self of the therapist” may be getting in the way of creating a truly satisfying practice that serves you, not just your clients 

Supervision / Consultation session are 60 minutes in length; the fee is $130.

I have completed my ACS (Approved Clinical Supervisor) training (45 hours) through Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute, and am currently completing my supervision hours to attain the ACS credential through he NBCC.  Read more about my training and experience here.